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 The "Medieval Period" also refers to the "Middle Ages". Countries in this era, which displayed tendencies to feud, were
 considered to be "midieval". A term derived from the Latin medi meaning "medium" and aev standing for "age".Fighting
 over specific countries, land and counties took place on a constant basis during this time period, which was a barbaric
 time to live. Other periods before the pre-westernizing of Japan along with many other countries were considered to be
 medieval times. There were barbarian invasions led on many countries, aside from what is now known as Europe.

   The period of time in  which the medieval ages took place was roughly the late fifth century to the year 1700. It is most
 likely the era and the way people had to endure life that gives a mystique to this aspect of time. Writers, philosophers
 and others could dream up stories entwined with popular subjects associated with this time in history. Kings, queens,
 princes and princesses seemed the norm. Not to mention your dragons and damsel in distress. Plague and pestilence was
 accepted as a normal routine during this time in history. No vaccines or reliable medical services even existed and it was
 a short life span compared to living in this new millennium with all of our technological and medical advances. During
 these medieval times, the Catholic church was the main governing religion.
  Archbishops and bishops sat on those king's councils who ruled their respective regions and kingdoms. During that time,
 the Catholic church already possessed large amounts of financial assets. Bishops who were often wealthy came from
 noble families, ruled over groups of parishes called "diocese". Parish priests, on the other hand came from more humbler
 backgrounds and these priests administered most of the local financial and sometimes medical aid to the locals who were
 in need of such assistance.


 This was also a time when all the great cathedrals were built. Many of the great universities were just starting in other
 countries which were begun by the Church . . . Oxford, Cambridge and Tubingen and cities like Paris had others that
 started. It also happened that the Pope was able to excommunicate a king which would cause alot of disruption at these
 times and could cause a rift between the Church and the kingdoms affected. Many things were happening as societies
 were evolving and growing. Some of the most important people of this time were involved with the Catholic Church.
  At times, because Christians wanted everyone else to be Christian as well, they fought with people from other faiths.
 It was not unusual for Christians to try and rid all of the Jews living near them. Sometimes by trying to convert them
 even by killing them. Or simply by making the Jews move somewhere else. They were very difficult times.       


                OTHER FACTS
 #1. The medieval church of the Middle
 Ages played a far greater role in England
 than the Church does there today.
 #2. Almost all medieval peasants or any
 villagers believed God and Heaven and
 Hell existed because of the strict teach-
 ing of the Roman Catholic Church.
 #3. The Church had total control over
 people during these times. Peasants had
 to work for free on Church land.
 #4. The public paid a "tithe" tax to the
 Church. This tithe consisted of payments
 in money or in goods produced by these

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